The world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, is quickly approaching its 65,000,000,000th dealt hand.  The milestone should be reached before the end of July. Between now and then toto hk will be rewarding their loyal players with cash bonuses!  Every time another millions hands are dealt leading up to the 65 Billionth hand, PokerStars will be handing out cash prizes to those at the table.  Tournament and SNG grinders should note only cash game tables apply to this promotion.

PokerStars has been running this promo every five billion hands on their way to an incredible 100,000,000,000 hands dealt.  The prizes/payouts can be a bit complicated as the amount a player receives depends on numerous factors.  Players who are dealt into a milestone hand will earn $50 plus $50 for every VIP Player Point they have accumulated over their previous 50 hands at the table.  VPPs are based on the number of players at a table and the amount of money raked from the pot.  At tables with more action such as Pot-Limit Omaha or Limit Hold’em, players will tend to earn more VPPs over 50 hands then in tighter NL Full-Ring games. This could make for a big difference as you’ll see in the calculations below.


While players who are dealt into the hand will earn $50+$50/VPP, those who are fortunate to win the hand will earn double the amount.  Let’s look at some examples to clarify the prizes.


Player A is dealt into a millionth hand; however, he/she fails to win the pot.  Over their past 50 hands at the table they had earned 40 VPPs. This player will earn $50+($50*40) for a $2,050 payday.


Player B is dealt into the same hand but wins the pot.  Over their past 50 hands they earned 30 VPPs.  Player B will take home (($50+($50*30))*2=$3,100.


The mega milestone hand will be the 65 Billionth hand.  Instead of earning $50 per VPP players will now receive $500! Players dealt into the mega milestone hand will earn $500+$500*VPPsEarned.  The lucky winner of the hand will not only double that amount but they will also earn an additional $65,000! This means a player who earned 40 VPPs over the past 50 hands would win (($500+($500*40))*2+$65,000=$106,000. If there happens to be a split pot players will share the $65,000.


Pro tip: make sure you go all-in in the mega milestone hand! Unless you are playing extremely high stakes it will always be profitable to jam and take your chances. At the least you’ll earn thousands for being dealt into the hand and you could be setting yourself up for a six-figure payday. Another helpful hint, once the mega milestone hand approaches it would not be a bad idea to open multiple tables 30 minutes beforehand. This way you not only give yourself a better chance of hitting the 65 Billionth hand but you will also build up your VPP multiplier.


At the time of this article there have been 64,684,039,011 hands dealt, be sure to check out PokerStars today if you already haven’t. Their promotions, customer service, and site traffic are the best in the business.  The 65,000,000,000th hand will be dealt before the end of July. If you aren’t playing at PokerStars you could be missing out on a once in a lifetime chance.


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