Steve Wynn Partners with togel Singapore to Bet It All


PokerStars is the biggest online poker site on the planet. Billionaire Steve Wynn is one of the most respected and powerful casino owners around the world, best known for his Las Vegas and Macau Wynn resorts. Like every other brick-and-mortar casino owner, Steve Wynn lobbied against online poker for years. But no longer.

In a momentous shift, Steve Wynn has made a complete 180, and is now partnering with togel Singapore to legalize online poker. This historic alliance is the first partnership between a major poker site and a major casino owner, and is likely to be a turning point in the course of legalizing online poker.

The two partners have announced, which will go live when online poker in America is finally legalized. It remains to be seen what sort of effect this will have on the industry, but this type of powerhouse brand will likely be causing more than ripples.

Wynn has been catching up on the legality of online poker, and commented, “In the United States of America the Justice Department has an opinion but several states have ruled and courts have agreed that poker is a game of skill, it’s not gambling. PokerStars rests their argument on that.” Wynn also added, “I say there is a bit of sophistry here clearly. What difference does it make what PokerStars or the Justice Department says? The point is millions of people are playing poker and they are going to continue to play poker legally or illegally.”

It’s his bet, and PokerStars too, that the Justice Department will eventually see it their way. Reflecting on what altered his past position, Wynn said, “I know that as a nonbeliever I was convinced by the logic of the argument.” Now, players can only wait and see if the Justice Department will agree.

PokerStars April Software Update

PokerStars is known for their reliable software, and they are making improvements to it all the time. Their most recent software upgrade adds a bunch of new features to make your playing experience a little more efficient than before.

You can now choose which columns to see in your lobby by managing your “column settings.” For example, you can get rid of the “ID” column of your tournament lobby, which might make your lobby less busy and simpler to view. You can also resize the width of each column and lock your columns so that you don’t ever change their organization by accident.

People frequently download free poker because they enjoy meeting new players and chatting with them at the tables. People that love conversations at the table will really enjoy the new (and optional) chat bubbles. Chat bubbles make it easy to see when someone is saying something without having to look down to the bottom left of your table constantly.

Single table tournament players will be extremely pleased to know that the new update shows a list of registered players right in the lobby. Gone are the days of double clicking tournament after tournament to view the list of those already registered. This feature truly is a time saver! (And a finger saver)

If you have ever attempted a real money transfer to a fellow poker player, you might be familiar with the stress of checking and double checking to ensure that you are sending to the correct person. The new software update makes this even easier for you by displaying the recipient’s avatar on the confirmation screen of your transfer. Since the PokerStars download features custom avatars for its users, this is fantastic piece of mind for anyone attempting a money transfer.

The last new feature that I would like to mention is the ability to hide your hole cards. When you do this, you peak at your hole cards by hovering over them with your mouse cursor. PokerStars implemented this feature mostly for the benefit of home game users playing in the same room, but people that play a lot of live poker might enjoy this feature too.


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