Network foundation

The Free Network foundation

Who We Are

  • We are an organization committed to the tenets of free information, free culture, and free society.
  • We hold that advances in information technology provide humanity with the ability to effectively face global challenges.
  • We contend that our very ability to mobilize, organize, and bring about change depends on our ability to communicate.
  • We see that our ability to communicate is purchased from a handful of corporate entities.
  • We know that we cannot depend on powerful corporations with entrenched interests to support movement away from the status quo.
  • We believe that access to a free network is a human right, and a necessary tool for environmental and social justice.

What We’re Doing

  • We envision communications infrastructure that is owned and operated cooperatively, by the whole of humanity, rather than by corporations.
  • We are using the power of peer-to-peer technologies to create a global network which is immune to censorship and resistant to breakdown.
  • We promote freedomssupport innovations and advocate technologies that enhance and enable digital self-determination.

How To Help

  1. Tell your friends. We refuse to use unfree forms of social media, and so it is of critical importance that you spread the word. Many of us are working hard to bring about open alternatives to Facebook and Twitter, but in the mean time, you can use them to spread the word.
  2. Sign up for our e-mail list, by clicking ‘Subscribe via E-mail,’ on the right side of the page. This is our primary mode of communication, collaboration, and exchange. Come join the conversation.
  3. Make a cash donation, by clicking ‘Donate,’ on the right side of the page. The FNF is supported completely by crowdsourcing. That means a lot of small donations from people like you. Money goes to fund media campaigns, support research, and build free software.

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