Nexus coming to att and canada


Apparently, history is again repeating itself, and this time with good reason. Initially, the Nexus One was only a T-Mobile. However, after the production of the new model to be used in Canadian telecom, it also reached AT&T. Nexus S too seems to be following its footsteps on the basis of the new product listing of Bluetooth SIG.

The listing is for a device called GT-i9020A. T-Mobile Nexus S was equipped with the device called ID GT-i9020T. Recently, it was reported that the Canadian telecom providers, Telus, Rogers, Mobilicity and Bell would get the Nexus S in the month of March. A new SKU would be required, as these carriers operate on 850 / 1900MHz WCDMA bands – the same as AT&T. Thus, most probably the new model is for the Canadian market.

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Obviously, if is already being made in Canada, they don’t have a reason for not selling it on AT&T. But the question is, if AT&T is willing to offer any subsidized plan the new device, as it did not offer any for Nexus One, as it was focusing on the iPhone at that time? Now, after having committed to Android, let us see if it supports the Nexus S too.

Spy Pictures of the Next HTC Android Flagship Mobile

Thanks to an attentive and quick tipster from Taipei, Taiwan, we now have some pictures of the next HTC Android flagship mobile. The tipster clicked a few photos in the Taipei’s metro system.

It is evident from the pictures that this device is a prototype. The handset has a serial number stamped below its screen. It shares its looks with the initial HTC Desire, and its features match the leaked render that Pocketnow published around a week back.

The company would really have to put in some hard work and increase the hardware power this time, provided its HTC Desire was one of the most powerful handsets one could choose when the mobile was showcased at MWC last year. Nothing less than a dual-core processor, 768MB RAM, and a 4-inch touchscreen can beat the latest high-end Android handsets, and the day will soon come when out handsets would be as powerful as our PC’s.

We are eager to see what HTC has in store for us and expect to get some details about the next HTC Android flagship mobile at the Mobile World Congress in just about three weeks. What are the hardware specs you wish to see?

Sony to Launch Android PlayStation Gaming Store

Sony has declared that this year it will be bringing “PlayStation quality” stores for Android devices. In the PlayStation Suite, it would work alongside phone makers for verifying the handsets that are certified to run PS One games as well as the new ones created by the developers for increasing the mobile gaming level.

The PlayStation Store would act as a distribution point for users who are searching for new titles. The company is yet to announce the PS One titles it is planning to add to the gaming store, but you can expect the most popular and best-selling ones to make it to the hit list, as the company specifically mentioned the word “classics” in the announcement. Sony probably would focus just on the best games to flank the new generation mobile games that it wants to encourage.

The new gaming initiative would require Android 2.3. Although customers are already using the PSX emulator available in the Android Market for running the PS One games, this would be the only tested and officially-supported way for playing a few of your favorites in the initial PlayStation era. (You would also do good to keep a backup for PSX4Droid, as Sony might claim a copyright soon.)

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