Jala slot 428 thursday


Not too much poker wise exciting to talk about as far hands or intersting happenings. I played two seperate short sessions on Stars today accumilating $243 profit. Then I napped and head to the Bellagio.

There were 4 15/30 games going and got seated before too long. I had what appeared to not be a great table but it turned out all right. The one seat was this guy I know (can’t remember if Ive mentioned him before). I can’t remember his name right now, but he always dresses real nice and lives in the townhouses at Spanish Trails, so he has got some money. He plays about 4 times a week and is real nice. His play is kind of blah. He doesn’t do anything real stupid but I wouldn’t call him good. The 3 seat was Denim Dan, the guy I mentioned before with the Sahara Jean jacket on. He will now be known as Denim Dan b/c tonight he was also wearing a denim outfit consistng of jeans and a matching denim shirt. Plus he had an old school gold chain on. Not the rope kind but the flat gold wide as shit kind. Totally flea market. The 4 seat was the girl who is probably around my age. I have seen her around a lot but she is usually playing 50/100 stud. She’s not awful looking but could definitely use a step outside the casino to catch a few rays. The 5 seat was the old man calling station. Had a close call early as his wife lmost made him leave, bt luckily she let him stay. I was in the 8 seat and the nine and ten seat where two guys around my age or younger.

Nothing really interesting happened. The 5 seat pretty much played every hand and folded a lot of hands on the river. Pretty much all my wins were against him. The first hand was where he open limped in the jala slot 428 and the small blind completed and I checked in the BB with A10. I bet out on a flop of K34 rainbow. He called and the small blind folded. Turn was an 8 or something and I bet and he called. River was another King and it went check, check and I won with Ace high. I had a few midrange pairs that I raised and was constantly getting called in multiple spots that I had to let go. After that happening about 3 times i decieded to 3 bet the calling station’s raise with 33 ( I know probably not smart). Well we took the flop of QJ6 HU. He check called me. The turn was my 3 and he check called me. He ended up calling me down with 99 (exactly the reason it is probably not smart to 3 bet a calling station) and I took down a decent pot.

Other than that I won a pot without a showdown with KK (got a turn raise in though) and stole some hands out of the blinds when low flops came. My contact really started to bother me in my left eye, so I left up $290.

One thing I wanted to talk about was my thoughts on moving up to 30/60. Mike, a guy that I play with a lot, has been playing it lately. Im not sure how he does, but he always seems to have a ton of chips. He always used to at the 15 game too. The only thing is Ive ever got there before him and have a sneaking suspicion that he just buys in huge. He plays way too many hands. He plays well post flop but limps and calls way too many raises preflop to be killing the game. My dealer friend Jill agrees with me and thinks it is just a matter of time before it catches up to him. Also, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen The guy who shows me no respect playing 30/60 tonight. This guy has absolutely no businiess in that game. Often times I see people playing 30/60 that I have played with before that I think are garbage.

With that said I think the sematics of that game might give me trouble. I know I need to take the jump, but I’m worried about the aggressiveness of the game. I’m not worried about getting ran over, actually quite the opposite. For some reason, I seem to need to be the most aggressive person at the table and when faced with another aggressive player I tend to get too agressive and fling too many chips in bad spots. Add 3 or 4 extremely aggressive players, and I just might get retarded at the table. I talked to this girl I play with every once in awhile that plays that more often than the 15 game about it. She plays decent but she once told me she hates playing against me (which is a compliment). She said the swings are huge. She said she had a -$12,000 month once. And she doesn’t get out of line. So, that kind of scares me. Anyways I think the next time I have a $2,000 dollar week, I’m going to take $1,000 of it and test the waters though.

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