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Defending the Second Amendment

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Minnesota is home to the most expansive collection of natural resources and outdoor experiences for sportsmen and women in the country. Our great state attracts people from around the world to enjoy our lakes, rivers, forests, wildlife, parks and changing seasons.

Maintaining and preserving our natural resources isn’t a partisan issue – it’s an issue important to all Minnesotans.

I know that hunters, anglers and other outdoors enthusiasts are natural conservationists. They spend time on the land and they care for the resources of our state. They are critical partners with a limited government in the ongoing challenge to be responsible stewards of the land.

We have been blessed with extraordinary resources and traditions and I will protect both. I will continue to defend the rights of over 1.2 million Minnesotans that participate in hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits. With over 55,000 jobs and$5.8 billion dollars in economic activity generated by the various outdoor industries, our state and its future prosperity depend on it.

Minnesotans are best served when government supports – not obstructs – responsible outdoor sporting activity. In licensing, managing and allowing access to public lands, we must always look for ways streamline or simply eliminate unnecessary regulations that restrict our ability to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer.

In 2008, Minnesotans spoke up and overwhelmingly supported the dedication of a portion of the state sales tax to protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat in Minnesota. I respect that decision and will make sure that every penny of constitutionally mandated funding is spent as the sportsmen and women of Minnesota intended.

As a gun owner and avid hunter, I believe our Second Amendment rights are clear and non-negotiable. In spite of recent Supreme Court rulings that comfirm the individual right to own firearms, gun owner rights are under constant attack by those who would restrict or eliminate gun ownership altogether. I proudly received the endorsement of the NRA in my state representative elections and will continue to defend the right of law abiding citizens and sportsmen to own and carry firearms.

The continued enjoyment of Minnesota’s great outdoors requires leadership willing to stand up to those who would restrict our hunting, and fishing rights. Together, we can preserve and enhance these outdoor traditions and ensure our children and future generations have the same or better outdoor opportunities as we have today.

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