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Yann Togel Hongkong of  finished in 11th place at the EPT Prague tournament for a prize of €35,000. He came close to making the final table only to be crippled when he was holding pocket aces.

Here are details of Yann’s incredible game play on Day 4.

Level 22 – Blinds 8,000/ 16,000 ante 2,000

A plaer raised to 20K in small blind and Yann Brosolo made the call from the big one.

The flop came 3♥ 6♦ 7♥ and the small blind made his continuation bet to 50K. Yann just called.

Both players checked the turn, the 6♦, and on the river, the 8♥, the small blind check-called the 100K bet o our French Titan player.

Yann showed K♥ 7♠ and his opponent mucked his cards.

Yan Brosolo was up to over 1 million chips for the first time of the tournament when the average was under 800K.

After one hour of game play on Day 4, 25 players were left and the average was 866K. Yann had 900K.

Level 23 – Blinds 10,000/ 20,000 ante 3,000

Yann Brosolo was card dead during this entire level and just succeeded to not lose too much. He finished it with 750K for an average of 1.2 million chips and 18 players left.

Then things began to run much better for Yann Brosolo.

In Level 24 with blinds 12,000/ 24,000 ante 3,000, Chris Moorman raised to 51K and Yann 3-bet him to 137K and obtained the fold of the English online star.

Yann Brosolo 3-bet twice in a row pre-flop and at the middle of the level, he was up to 900K with 17 players left with an average stack of 1,274,000.

We were quickly down to 16 players and 2 tables and after a lot of pots won pre-flop, Yann Brosolo was back to 1 million with 15 players left and an average of 1.4 million chips.

Level 25 – Blinds 15,000/ 30,000 ante 4,000

Yann eliminated Chris Moorman at the beginning of the level. He raised to 65K UTG and Moorman shoved for 365K. Yann called and it was a coin flip situation.

Moorman held K♥ Q♥

The final board was: 10♦ J♦ J♥ 5♠ 2♣

Then Yann won another nice pot against Danish player Mads Wissing.

Wissing raised under the gun to 50K and Yann called in big blind with 9♥ 9♣

The flop came K♥ K♠ 9♦ and both players checked.

The 10♥ fell on the turn and Yann Brosolo fired a 40K bet. Wissing quickly called.

On the river, the Q♦, Yann checked, Wissing bet 125K and Yann 3-bet to 335K. The Danish player considered what to do for a long time and finally folded.

Yann was up to 1.5 million chips and kept increasing his stack thanks to his aggressive play. Yann made a nice profit of 300K off a Dutch player 5-betting all-in pre-flop. Yann finally reached the average chip stack when there were but 12 players left in the tournament.

A few minutes later, Yann Brosolo raised to 65K UTG and the small blind made the call.

Flop: 4♥ 2♥ 6♥

The small blind player check-called the 80K bet of Yann.

The two men checked on the turn, the 3♠. On the river, 3♣, the small blind check-called 175K and mucked his cards when Yann revealed the winning hand, Q♥ Q♠

Yann Brosolo stole the blinds and at the end of the level he was sitting behind a 2.4 million stack.

11 players were left and the average was just below 2 millions chips.

Level 24 – Blinds 20,000/ 40,000 ante 5,000 – Yann Brosolo is eliminated, victim of a terrible bad beat.

Yann Brosolo opened to 80K in middle position. Dutch player David Boyaciyan 3-bet to 210K. Yann decided to 4-bet to 450K and Boyaciyan made a big mistake moving all-in. Yann snap-called with pocket ACES and was in the prefect situtation to take the lead of the tournament with 11 players left.

Boyaciyan held pocket 9.

The dealer delivered the worst cards possible for our French Titan pro player: K-9-5-10-7

Yann had a little bit more than his opponent but was crippled after this awful bad beat.

The next hand, Yann Brosolo moved all-in with A 7 pre-flop and Wissing made the call with K-10.

A ten fell on the flop and Yann Brosolo was eliminated and left the poker area, knocked out of the tournament.

Yann Brosolo finished in 11th position for a prize of €35,000.

We were all really disappointed for Yann Brosolo who was so close to reaching the final table. Congratulations to him for this great tournament here in Prague.

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