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Our team of professional editors are here to add the finishing touches to your manuscript. Their expert feedback and meticulous editorial skills will ensure that your writing is outstanding.

As everyone knows, when submitting your manuscript to an agent or publisher or launching an ebook version of your novel, it has to be perfect! Our experienced editors have worked with thousands of writers over the past 12 years, assessing their manuscripts and providing invaluable feedback, copy-editing their novels to ensure every sentence reads well or proofreading their manuscripts to make every word perfect.


Once you have selected one of our services, we will send you details of your personally appointed editor. The editor will work on your manuscript to achieve literary excellence, perfect punctuation, impeccable spelling and a plot free from holes. The process doesn’t end there – once you have gone through your report or your edited manuscript, we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the report or the edits and are always happy to help with advice.

Choose from our range of services below designed for authors at various stages in the writing process:


Perfect for the author who has just completed their manuscript and wants an in-depth appraisal with detailed feedback and an informed opinion on each component part of their writing.


Essential for the author who is happy with their plot and general structure but who wants to tighten grammar and sentence construction. Your manuscript will benefit tremendously from the meticulous skills of our professional copy-editors. More about Translation Agency UK


A final check for accuracy is critical for the author who is publishing an e-book or sending their manuscript to a publisher or agent. Our proofreading service will ensure every word is perfect. The Amazon Kindle Book Store is littered with 1-star reviews of books with typos – remember everyone is a critic in the digital age of e-books – there is no room for error!

Please use the left menu to read more about our literary consultancy services and try our free fee calculator below to see how affordable our editorial services are. We understand that choosing the right editor for your book can be daunting.


Our proofreading services are ideal for those who have completed their manuscript, are happy with the plot and content but would like to add some final touches prior to submitting to literary agents or publishers. The following areas are covered as part of the proofreading service:

verify spelling and punctuation

check consistency of grammatical usage

ensure correct use of paragraphs, speech marks

standardise the appearance of extracts, quotations, verse

The proofreading service is also suitable for people wishing to self-publish but we would recommend opting for the more in-depth aspects which are provided with our copy-editing service.

Please note that you can opt for proofreading changes to be made either directly on to the manuscript or they can be tracked and emailed over to you.


If you are ready to go ahead with the proofreading of your manuscript please complete the form below, so that we can provided you with an exact quote. We will then instantly email you confirmation of the price of the proofreading along with full instructions as to how to continue (this is a no obligation quote).


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