Player Can’t Collect Winnings from Online Casino Singapore Gambling Stadium

A player who says he won over $6,000 at Gambling Stadium and $14,000 at OffShore Action has had his withdrawal requests declined by both online casinos.

“I won $6000 at Gambling Stadium over a weekend and when I tried to withdraw the money, my request was denied,” said player Robert K. “They couldn’t believe I could win that much so fast. They claimed I was manipulating the data to win. This is not true and I believe it is nothing but a lame excuse not to pay a fairly big winner.”

The player says Gambling Stadium refused to pay him because he was removed from the database of an affiliate casino, OffShore Action. When he won $14,404 at OffShore Action, the casino told him he was manipulating the craps game.

The player denies that he cheated. “I play these casino games honestly and fairly. I increase my bet when I’m losing and I either win big or I get wiped out. But all I do is place my bet, click a button to roll the dice and then a number comes up.

“Just because I was able to win, it doesn’t mean that I manipulated their data or I’m a robot or whatever their excuse is this week.”

Neither casino has responded to Winneronline’s requests for comment.

Both Gambling Stadium and OffShore Action use software licensed from Unified Gaming. When contacted by Winneronline, Unifed Gaming placed the responsibility for settling the disputes squarely on the shoulders of the casinos.

“The financial relation between the licensees of Unified Gaming and their clients is primarily their responsibility, and is outside the scope of possible control of Unified Gaming as software provider,” said a Unifed Gaming spokesperson.

“Unified Online Casino Singapore Gaming highly values that her licensees do honor their financial obligations towards their clients. However, disputes about pay outs may be based on the applicability of each individual licensee’s business and/or gaming policy, which policy is determined by each licensee and not by Unified Gaming.”

Unified Gaming has not ruled out the possibility of intervening in a player dispute but only when it is clear that Unified Gaming’s licensees are not honoring their financial obligations towards their clients. Then the software company says they will step in because Unified Gaming “will not accept that her software will be abused to the detriment of the clients of Unified Gaming’s licensees.”

It’s not unusual for players to win thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at online casinos. And when they do win, they expect to be paid. Casinos may be justified in denying service or payment to a player if that player cheats or fails to abide by the casino’s rules. But in this case, Gambling Stadium has not proven either case.

“I’m not a robot player or a cheater. They tell me what the number on the dice is. If anyone can manipulate the data it would be the casino not me.

“If I’m too good for them or basically just too lucky, then fine. Pay me in full, close my account and I won’t play there anymore.”

The player contacted Winneronline hoping that media attention would pressure the casinos to pay, and to warn other players about these casinos.

“It makes me so angry and frustrated to have these casinos call me dishonest when the only cheating that is going on is on their part by attempting to welch on our bets by not paying me my winnings.”

Winneronline and the player still wish to see this matter resolved and welcome correspondence from Gambling Stadium and OffShore Action.



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