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Play Strategically to avoid trouble – A sanghoki player with out a strategy is like sitting down against a chess player without knowing the pieces. It is not worth the attempt. In chess you’ll be humiliated in 3 moves or less. In poker, you will be the fish thus losing your lunch money.

One important strategy to keep in mind during tournament play, in all forms including Sit and Go’s. In most tournaments the loose players will make big, often obvious moves very early. The attempt or goal is to steal blinds and in their mind, capitalize even if they are only holding a pair of 2’s. Let them go, in the end, the fewer players you compete with the better your pot odds will be. Now don’t take this as though you should throw away a strong hand if you get it early on. Play it, you can feel assured that those who have been pushing raising and attempting to steal blinds are the ones who will hand you their money. Proving no strategy in tournament play equals no poker tournament play, at least not for long. Play only your strong hands eary though because it is not worth leaving any poker tournament early.

atrick Antonious and Poker After Dark

Rumor mills a churning after the Poker After Dark event aired with Patrick, Gus Hansen and Roland De Wolfe. Some of the rumors suggest that Patrick Antonious is one that many other Poker Pro’s have little enjoyment for. During the show and live poker play very little discussion was held between Antonious and any of the other players. That is typical of Antonious, as he tends to be the silent shark. De Wolfe and Hansen however did enjoy some friendly banter and jokes, some at Antonious’ expense. This lead to the rumor mill becoming more audible.

Patrick is undoubtedly one of the best poker professionals on the circut today, however this silent shark is one that preys on his competition from a comfortable separation. Across the poker table he is a man to be reckoned with, but not one that will be bantered or return the favor very often. It is being speculated that is why there may be some disdain for him.

Titan Poker My Speedy Alert Tournament

The iPoker Network has developed an incredible new asset to the online poker professional, and Titan Poker has it.  My Speedy Alert is a free software application designed to make poker players aware of daily tournament events, while playing the game or not. The small non intrusive icon will deliver daily tournament update for any player who enjoys a good tournament event and cash.

On the 25th of February Titan Poker will be hosting a tournament specific to those players who are using the new application. They will be awarding 3000 dollars in cash prizes.

To install the convenient program go to TitanPoker, under the Getting Started Tab at the top of the landing page is the option for My Speedy Alert.  The software program can be easily uninstalled at any time, and takes up almost no space on the hard drive. Download and compete in this unique poker event at iPoker’s biggest poker room, Titan Poker.

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