No slot onlain this weekend

I did PLAN to play, but then I did something dumb.

So, no slot onlain, and no blogging. I was just too pissed at myself. Plus, I find it kind of hard to form complete sentences when doped up on leftover Vicodin.

Yeah, there’s another batch of spam e-mails I’m gonna get. @#$%^!!!!

Hey spammers, don’t bother sending me your e-mails – I get mine legally, paid for by insurance. Go away!

I did play in the Donkament on Friday night, doing my usual suckout-to-build-a-huge-stack-then-bust-out-right-after-the-rebuy-period. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll herobola login.

How do you know when you’re running well?

When you get crippled by two runner-runner rivers and still make the money.

Still, I’m playing well, too. Staying alive, surviving. Making one big play, getting my money in with the best of it, and all that stuff.

Been a while since I’ve felt it like this.

Hey, thanks to Trip and Hoff for commenting on my post about the douchebag-cheater. You’re right.

The hole in the “Tony is Dead” theory

Meadow was walking in the diner, facing Tony, and there was no sign of a threat in her face.

So, quit trying to read into it. David Chase simply said “Fuck it”. Now, y’all are giving him an out. To hell with that, screw that bastard!

I hope this guy has a blog and goes off on a rant

I submitted this to FT a few weeks ago about what I felt was a solicitation for collusions in a low-buy-in SNG:

lifer1441 – colluding on hand 2523474751

Lifer1441 openly stated that he wanted to check-down an all-in player before he made his call.




Yeah, I’m leaving his screen name in because he’s a cheating asshat. If you’re him, or know him, tell him I said “tough noogies”. Good players know when to check down and when not. Let the bad players make their mistakes.

FT’s reponse:

I will be happy to look into this matter and take the appropriate action. I will conduct a thorough review of their play. We?ll be in contact if we find this player definitively exercising successful collusion tactics.

In the case of a player soliciting other players to cheat by chatting or speaking of a hand while play is still in progress; we will suspend their chat privileges and if the practice is continued we will permanently close their Full Tilt Poker account.

Your thoughts? I think the act of asking other players to collude is grounds for termination of the account, not suspension of chat. I know I’m being nit-picky with it being a low-dollar game and all, but I’m a proponent of zero tolerance for cheaters. He obviously intended to cheat here and solicited another player to collude with him to do so.

But, I could just be acting like a douchebag by taking this stuff so seriously…

(Yes, I spoke up in chat to tell him to stop)

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