The FTOPS IX is now officially over with the conclusion of the main event.  In total, 25 events were played with buy-ins ranging from $109 up to $2620, and more than $15 million guaranteed.  However, I think Full Tilt went a little too high on most of  꽁머their guarantees, because throughout the series events constantly were not being matched.  This is good for the players, as it creates an overlay, but starts to question if Full Tilt should be running an FTOPS every 3 months.  8 out of the 25 events had overlays, including the main event which was $60,000 alone.

Many players were crowned new FTOPS champions and some online professionals received their second or even third title.  No Full Tilt pros could capture a title this series, as Erick Lindgren did in FTOPS VIII, but there were a few red pros who made some final tables.  However, most of the buzz was around the player yuvee04, as he won back to back FTOPS events on the same day!  His total winnings for that day were $172,387, which isn’t too bad for a days work.  However, yuvee04 finished 2nd on the overall FTOPS IX Leaderboard, to the player GetPWN3D.  GetPWN3D didn’t have any FTOPS victories, but had a good enough overall series to take the title.

The main event was a $500 + $35 buy-in and the game was the Cadillac of poker, no-limit hold’em.  As I said earlier, there was a $60,000 overlay as 4,880 players registered, but none of the players were complaining.  Of the 4,880 players, 648 would walk away with at least $725.  And the ones lucky enough to make the final table, they would score at least $32,500.  The eventual winner would have $432,400 to go along with his bragging rights!

The main event was hosted by the very well known Chris Ferguson.  Most well known for his nickname Jesus, he has 5 WSOP bracelets, including the main event in 2000, and holds the record for most circuit rings with 3.  However, Chris couldn’t outlast the field as he finished in 2125th place.  The main event this year wasn’t very kind for the red pros, as only 7 made it in the money, with the top finish being Kelly Kim in 16th place, collecting $12,375.

However, for 9 other players, they had their shot at nearly a half million dollar payday!   These players were, yvcsa, hemlock1313, dubbeemin, valleyho, TiltinShoes, aaaFRANCESOzzz, sckilla, TheTotalPkg, and Pokerguru19.  But there was one amoung them who had most of the luck on their side, and that player was dubbeemin.  He didn’t have many big MTT scores on his resume until this main event, as he was crowned the champion and was awarded $432,400!  He took down valleyho heads up, who won $262,500 for his runner up finish.

The FTOPS IX was quite the series, as it had the most events and guarantees as ever before!  We can only imagine what Full Tilt will break out for the next series and if these overlays will have any effect on it.  Congratulations to all the champions of the FTOPS IX, and we will see you in 3 months for FTOPS X!

Here is everyone who finished in the money in the main event, event 25, of the FTOPS IX:

Place      Player ID      $ Won

1     dubbeemin     $432,400.00

2     valleyho     $262,500.00

3     TheTotalPkg     $170,000.00

4     Pokerguru19     $132,500.00

5     sckilla     $100,000.00

6     hemlock1313     $75,000.00

7     tvcsa     $57,500.00

8     aaaFRANCESCOzzz     $43,750.00

9     TiltinShoes     $32,500.00

10     The-Toilet 0     $23,750.00

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