Ask any on-line gambler the three most important things to remember when playing at an on-line casino and the answers will inevitably be the same.

Cash-out. Cash-out. Cash-out.

It’s a golden rule that is very hard to follow.

“You always think you can win a little more,” said on-line gambler Brian C., of England. “It’s very tempting to keep playing.”

Often, the struggle to win more can result in big losses.

“I was up by $1,300,” said Brian G., of Ohio. “I thought I could reach $1,500…I lost it all…I was so mad at myself…I should have just cashed-out.”

Perhaps it is just human psyche, the natural desire to want more. Maybe it’s just greed. Many blame stupidity.

Whatever the reason for not clicking the cash-out button, there are steps to take to help live by the golden cash-out rule.

Tape to your computer in the most visible spot, a file card with the words, “Cash-out. Cash-out. Cash-out.” in bright red. The bigger and brighter, the better.

Before logging in the casino, set a monetary goal. This is the goal that when you reach, you will cash-out. Be realistic when you set your goal.

Often, the little wins add up quickly. Once you reach your goal look at your file card and cash-out. If you have surpassed your goal, cash-out your goal amount and keep the rest in your account to play with later.

When you reach your monetary goal and are still unable to cash-out after re-reading your file card again and again, reflect on the times where you did not cash-out and lost it all. Relive that moment when you asked yourself, “Why didn’t I cash-out!?” Remind yourself that you made a mistake once and you do not want to repeat the same mistake. After all, even monkeys learn from their mistakes the first time!

If you still cannot cash-out at this point, stand up and walk away from your computer. Take a minute to think about the things that you want to do with your winnings. Focus on what those winnings will be used for. That’s your inspiration to cash-out.

Still can’t cash-out? Find a cash-out supporter. Ask a spouse or roommate to make you cash-out when you hit your goal. If necessary, require the person to stand over your shoulder until the cash-out has been made. You can even find a cash-out buddy on-line to turn to for support. Check out some of the forums and chatrooms linked to on-line gambling sites. Post a message to find a cash-out buddy. Most gamblers will be happy to provide support. We’ve all been there. With the many free instant messaging services available, such as AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ, a cash-out buddy can sometimes instantly help.

The death to all cash-outs, is the “Reverse Cash-in” button. Not all casinos have them, but many do in the banking options. Once you have successfully cashed-out, you should avoid the “Reverse Cash-in” button at all costs. In your mind, this option should not exist. Tell yourself that this button is in disguise and should really be called, “The Casino’s Last Chance to Get Your Money” button.

It’s all about willpower. If you reached to cash-out stage, you have won the battle. Don’t retreat.

If you find that you cannot resist the “Reverse Cash-in” button, do not play at that casino. Many casinos do not offer this temptation. Those casinos may be safer for you.

No one wants to be a loser at any on-line casino. The goal is to walk away a winner. The only way to do that is to Cash-out.



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