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Aztec Riches Slot Joker123 Casino – Review

Quetzlcoatl, the Aztec god of civilization and learning, is credited for introducing the cocoa bean to humankind. The beans were revered by the Aztecs, used in religious services and given as gifts. The Aztecs reserved cocoa consumption for nobility and warriors. It was not only used for nutrition, but also used as a form of currency.

The great Aztec ruler Montezuma and his court consumed 50 pitchers of “xocolatl” per day. The precious elixir was served in goblets of solid gold, which were used just once, and then thrown into a lake. But, while xocolatl was highly prized and gold obviously not, today the opposite is true… and now you can go in search of these treasures at the Aztec Riches Casino.

42 quality games including 11 of Microgaming’s now famous progressives can be found at Aztec Riches Casino. Along with your usual Blackjack, Cyberstud Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and multi-hand Blackjack, you can also find a wide selection of slots including the City of Gold. Of note also is that this is one of the few Microgaming casinos at which you can play 50¢ blackjack.

Also unique is an option to sign up for the Gaming Card, a private credit card issued to the Internet’s most exclusive online gamers. You’ll need to send them an email to find out more about the Gaming Card, as it can only be obtained by invitation, but privileges includes a high spending limit of US$3,000 per day, daily credit limit of up to US$1,000, interest on balances over US$500 and more. Surely this will prove an attractive option to the gambling whales out there.

While downloading Aztec Riches Casino, I decided to go take a look at some of their weekly promotions – and immediately found one to my liking – Jacks or Better Power Poker Playoff, which takes place on Sundays. The top 10 players with the highest score (average bet x number of bets), share in a prize pool of US$825! And all players who make at least 50 plays receive $10 free. Montezuma never had it this good!

So after making a deposit and collecting my sign-up bonus, off I went to play Slot Joker123 Jacks or Better Power Poker, with free entry into the Playoff competition on Sunday. Unfortunately, as usual, Power Poker took full advantage of my presence and ate up my deposit and bonus, but not after I managed to collect my free $10 for 50 plays. Don’t know if I will make the top 10 since I bet quarters, but you never know, perhaps this week I could get lucky.

I also decided to try out their unique City of Gold slots. Alas, Montezuma must have been laughing at me as I couldn’t hit a thing… so I moved on to the Wheel of Wealth feature slots with the remainder of my meager deposit. This Wheel of Fortune clone costs $3 to play – and if you get the “Spin” symbol on the third line, you get to spin the wheel. And that’s all I can tell you because I didn’t make it that far, though I hit a few smaller payouts.

Ecash support is provided by Proc Cyber – surely the largest gaming e-commerce provider on the Net now. The management at this casino are top-notch, and support should be like any other casino which has Proc Cyber – good or bad may depend on when you test them out yourselves, but on the whole nothing to worry about.

At press time, Aztec Riches Casino is offering a $20 no-strings-attached bonus just for downloading the game, plus a 50% bonus of up to $300 – that’s a cool $320 in total you can start your account with in free money!

Give the Wheel of Wealth a spin, or if you’re hungry for progressives, Major Millions can be found here too – will you join the ranks of instant millionaires? Montezuma left behind a ton of treasure, so get on down to Aztec Riches Casino now!




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